Rules of Play – Take Your Chances Version

This version of the game is played exactly like the Pure Strategy version, with the following additions:


  • Each player is dealt two Official Review cards at the beginning of the game.
  • All other cards are shuffled and placed face down on the Draw box.
  • At the start of a player’s turn, she draws a card from the Draw pile. The player then has the option of using the card to modify the rules that govern skater movement.
  • Cards carry a Penalty Risk and if played, must be followed by a die roll. (See ‘Penalties’ below.) Players are never compelled to use cards.
  • Any card played that modifies a Blocker’s movement applies only to a single Blocker of the player’s choosing.
  • The card is discarded face up at the end of the player’s turn, whether or not the card was played.
  • After the last card is discarded, the deck is shuffled and returned face-down to the Draw box.


  • The Penalty Box is located in the corner of the board.
  • Certain actions carry a risk of penalty. Penalties are assessed by a roll of the die.

Pushing an opponent out of bounds carries a penalty risk of 2. If the player who pushed an opposing skater out of bounds rolls a 1 or a 2, a penalty has been assessed and the offending skater is sent to the box.

Cards carry varying penalty risks, which are indicated on each card. For example, Jammer Juke carries a penalty risk of 1. If the player who uses a Jammer Juke card rolls a 1, a penalty has been assessed and the offending Jammer is sent to the box.

Die rolls must be performed after all four blockers have been selected (if a card was played for a Blocker or if one or more Blockers pushed an opposing piece out of bounds) and once again after the Jammer has been selected (if a card was played for the Jammer or if the Jammer pushed an opposing piece out of bounds). The die must be rolled once for each action that carries penalty risk.

If a penalty is assessed, the player has the option of playing an Official Review card, which grants her the opportunity to re-roll for that action. The second roll stands; only one Official Review may be used per action.

Penalized Skaters enter the penalty box at the outermost row. Skaters in the penalty box move inwards one region per turn, until, regions exhausted, they are allowed to return to the track. Effectively, a Skater is in the box for exactly two turns per penalty.

Figure 9: The Penalty Box. Penalized Skaters are moved inwards one space per turn and then returned to the track.

Figure 9: The Penalty Box. Penalized Skaters are moved inwards one space per turn and then returned to the track.

If a Jammer is in the box and the opposing Jammer is sent to the box, the first Jammer is immediately returned to the track.

Skaters returning to the track from the penalty box may be placed on any tile in the section behind the rear-most pack skater. This is considered one move. Should the skater be entitled to juke then an additional move is permitted.

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