How to Play

There are two ways to play JammerUp: The Roller Derby Board Game.

  • PURE STRATEGY is a pure information game. There are no cards, no dice, no elements of chance.
  • TAKE YOUR CHANCES mixes things up a bit by requiring players to draw a card at the beginning of each turn. Each card gives the player the opportunity to modify their movements (jump an opponent, block harder, juke) at the risk of penalty.
The basic rules for both styles are the same:
  1. Pick a team color and set up where indicated on the board. If you’re playing with cards, distribute two official reviews to each player & put the rest face down.
  2. You’ll move your entire team during your turn. Blockers first (in any order), then your Jammer. Watch the BASIC MOVEMENTS video from Beta.
  3. You can block your opponents by pushing them one tile at the end of a move. So if they’re at the edge of the track, you can push them out of bounds. Watch the BLOCKING video from Beta.
  4. Each time your Jammer clears the pack by getting one full section (bordered by blue tiles) ahead of it, you earn 4 points. You also get a point if your pivot is the first to cross the pivot line after a full lap around the track. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins!

Whichever style of play you prefer, JammerUp’s rules are simple and flexible enough for you to develop some great strategies! But don’t take our word for it, play it for yourself. Visit one of our retailers today!

2 thoughts on “How to Play

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  2. Hi,

    I’m based in the UK and I like the look of the game. One thing I did consider was that would taking out the die be a simple way of reducing costs? Most people have a six-sided die in their house from Monopoly or other games, and the sorts of people that’ll buy a game like this are likely to be avid gamers that have plenty of dice already.

    It worked really well for Cheapass Games – they produce small games with few to no components to keep the cost down and make each one less risky.

    I’m going to contribute to the kickstarter for $35 (to include shipping to the UK!) and advertise it in my local leagues.