Re-entering the track behind a skater


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    When returning to the board after being knocked out, you’re supposed to go “behind” the space you were bumped from if it is now occupied. My friend argued you always had to come back on the edge of the ring where you were bumped, whereas I argued the rules said no such thing and any adjacent non-lateral but clockwise space counted as behind. This had a consequence of I was bumped out on that grey line where it Vees, below the draw pile. He wanted me to go to the left of the V tip, and I said I could go there or I could go backwards 1 space on the grey line because that was behind – this V point is directly in between both blue “post” lines which are there to guide you on laterality – and both spaces were the same distance from the bump spot and therefore were “forward-most.” He then knocked me out of bounds personally and I don’t remember the rest of the evening.

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