Penalty check on penalty cards


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    I used a Super Block on my blocker to knock a friend off the board. We determined I would have to pass a 3 penalty for the card play, and then a 2 penalty for the knock out. I failed the card penalty and went to the penalty box. He preceded to put his skater back to where it was before he got hit, saying I failed the first penalty, the knock-out never happened. My thinking was it was all one move, and the whole move happens and then we check to see if the refs saw it, you can’t take back the out of bounds. He then put his skater in-bounds on the edge, saying at least the refs would let the victim on the track. I said there is no penalty without foul, it doesn’t matter if there’s one check or two. He then knocked me out of bounds in real life.

    I was planning to go to the penalty box anyhow, it was worth it to delay his pivot.

    Did I play this right?

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    Niki Hammond
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    Earning a penalty is a possible consequence for knocking someone out of bounds or playing a card. It does not undo the play.  On his turn, your opponent may move his blocker back onto the track as described in the rules:

    Any skater re-entering the track after being pushed out must re-enter at the forward-most vacant tile immediately behind the one they occupied before being pushed out.

    So… who won in the end?


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