JammerUp Chess-Variant

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    Mr. Dent

    If JammerUp was Chess the Jammer Token would be the Queen.  Who would be the Knight, the Bishop or the Rook?  Specialized abilities for each of your blockers:

    Pip 2 – “The Tower”
    Hold the line.
    Stability: The Tower is strong and stable, only the Cleaner can push her around.

    Pip 3 – “The Whip”
    Get your Jammer free.
    Whip: Any friendly pawn can receive a whip from the Whip, this functions as a limited “Juke” where the Pawn comes up next to the Whip and then changes movement one-hex side towards the Whip, continuing movement in that direction.

    Pip 4 – “The Cleaner”
    Sweep aside the competition.
    Power Hits: The Cleaner has a chance to knock-down any opposing player that they hit (roll 2 or less on the D6*).  A knocked-down pawn’s token is placed upside down on the track and a movement must be spent for it to “stand-up” (similar to reentering play). Knocked-down tokens “fall-small” and do not impede the movement of any other token.
    Additionally the Cleaner is the only Token capable of pushing the Tower.

    Pivot  – “The Spider”
    Come into my parlor.
    Area Control: The Spider is allowed an immediate, interrupting single hex of movement during the opponents turn. Once per turn the Spider can move to interfere with the movement of any opponents token passing through a bordering hex. The “en passant” of JammerUp.

    *for pure stratagy every hit can knock-over an oppenet at the controling players discretion.

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