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    iphone 7
    Warning: basic version of the iPhone 7 is slower than the top versions
    12/10/2016 | 07:51 | Stephan Wiesend Recommend this article:

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    The iPhone 7 is available with 32, 128 and 256 GB memory.
    The iPhone 7 is available with 32, 128 and 256 GB memory.
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    The memory of the 32-GB version of the iPhone 7 is far slower than the versions with 128 and 256 GB.
    The iPhone 7 is available with 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB memory. Videographers should however better access not only for reasons of space to one of the larger models. The 32 GB flash module in the base model, as stated in measurements of multiple Web sources by a factor of 8 slower. This is evident especially in the writing speed: The page GSMarena attaches tests with the unfortunately somewhat inaccurate Benchmarkbase Mark the basic model a write speed of meager 39.6 MB / s and a read speed of 691 MB / s. In contrast, the 128 GB model achieved good 308 MB / s write and 926 MB / s read – or about eight times the writing speed. Measurements of page Notebookcheck the model with 256 GB in the writing speed even cut off even better, for the 128 GB model is slightly slower to make their measurements. Besides the measurements show the way that the iPhone 7 significantly faster memory than the iPhone 6s offers.

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    Similar performance differences are in previous iOS devices like the 32-GB and 128 GB versions of the iPad Pro known. Coincidentally, the base models are significantly slower when measuring the write speed. The cause is probably a different connection of NVMe memory module. When iPhone 7 engineers iFixit and Chipworks have found that Apple is the Flash memory to different manufacturers: the iPhone 7 32 GB has iFixit . Found the flash bolt of SK Hynix, Chipworks have taken two models apart in the 128- GB model will find the memory of Sk Hynix and Toshiba , the 256 GB model Chipworks has a 3D NAND memory from Toshiba found.

    In practice, most users should but notice little difference. For daily use, the read speed is much more important, which is excellent also the basic model. Disturbing is the moderate write performance but at installations of very large apps and users who use the iPhone for video editing or other memory-intensive work. So to speak, the testers of GSMarener how long the shortening and re-storing a 3.2 GB video lasts: The basic model required for 52 seconds, the 128 GB model only 17 seconds.

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