How to Use Snapchat Filters

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    snapchat filters


    Believe it or not, Snapchat is mainly used to portray aspects of everyday life that are not relevant enough to stay anywhere permanently . And maybe we are to blame for this: “Excuse me, can you take this picture for the seventh time? I go out with my hair. ”

    how to use snapchat filters

    We loaded with a pressure to show a perfect version of ourselves in social networks and present exactly the image we want to communicate, which just leaving a hole to communicate all that everyday life that is forbidden on other networks more permanent . Memories with expiration date.


    Not everything you do throughout the day has room in a museum, we all have the right to do “ugly” things from time to time. That plate of food that has left you especially bad, or a terrible sketch you did, a grain that has left you … are things that give us some modesty and never would publish in a public and permanent network, but we do not care if we choose to share with whom and has an ephemeral character .


    Make no mistake, an app that promises to erase your photos several seconds later and only shared with whom you want you cry photos you out in front of the mirror balls . It is not for the only thing that is used, not even its main use, but hey, it is what most strikes us. Especially if we know that the core platform users are between 13 and 23 years .


    This is another app that has integrated chat, if not enough Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line and WhatsApp. You can send text at no additional cost has been the revolution in recent years in the world of communications. Snapchat joins this revolution, so that in addition to sending images you can also communicate via chat.


    Video-call: a year since the platform launched the ability to connect with others using real – time video.

    How did you not know that this existed? Press and hold the send and voilà button! Of course, both devices must have the conversation previously opened in order to start the video call.

    Example Snapchat video call

    Snapchat is generating a lot of uses derived from its own application. From drawing competitions to change the Pictionary . Apparently they do wonders with Snapchat and a good dose of imagination.

    Selfies: The game of the animated selfies has caused quite a stir in recent months. The genius is to transform your face into a emoji using your camera phone. If you saw a rainbow coming out of someone’s mouth it was made with Snapchat.


    We have already seen cases where some idiot is arrested for uploading a profile photo committing an illegality. With Snapchat that risk would decrease, in case you want to share photographs or videos of some criminal practice. In the case of a younger audience, this is heavy jokes, parties and drinking alcohol and soft drugs. Eye, because there are also some complaints about bullying .

    It is very difficult to close an enumeration with the number of factors involved in the success of Snapchat, but there are some trends that may be a clue:


    And frankly, a social network in which your mother can participate in your states, does not end molar . Young people will always need to differentiate, reaffirm and reveal themselves – and this is good – and it is difficult for them to do so by sharing space, practices and uses with their parents and grandparents.

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