The Creators

JammerUp was created by Niki Hammond, a former roller derby referee & active NSO (Non-Skating Official), and Robin Hammond, an avid board gamer and a giant nerd.

The idea was hatched in early 2011 when Niki began sketching what would ultimately become the JammerUp game board. After months of tinkering with the design and play testing with friends and family, she shared the idea with the world via Facebook and the response was overwhelming.

The Beta rules set was posted online. A Kickstarter project was launched. Strangers offered donations, suggestions for improvement, and loads of encouragement. Robin used his programming skills to find holes in the rules, and Niki used her expertise in software design and project management to put the game through an iterative testing process with different types of players (skaters, derby fans, and non-derby players). They formed Fun Blue Tree, LLC and pledged to make JammerUp their first second third priority (right after raising kids and doing the jobs that actually pay the bills).

But JammerUp wouldn’t exist as a published, commercially available product without funding by gamers and members of the roller derby community via Kickstarter.

After the Kickstarter was successfully funded, they hired O’Kelly Design to create the logo, identity and package design for JammerUp. The cover image was illustrated by John Wollan of

JammerUp Color Proofs

The first set of color proofs for all the JammerUp game components, fresh from the printer!

JammerUp: The Roller Derby Board Game is available for purchase here. A mobile version for iOS and Android devices is expected to be in development in the Fall of 2012.

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