About JammerUp

JammerUp is the first published board game based on the rules and strategies of modern-day roller derby.

In a 2-player game, each player controls a team of 5 game pawns: four Blockers and one Jammer. Move your Jammer through the pack, maneuvering and pushing your way past opposing Blockers, to earn points. You’ll need to simultaneously position your own Blockers to prevent your opponent from scoring. The rules are simple, but game play increases in complexity as players become more adept at derby strategy.

JammerUp: The Roller Derby Board Game can be played as a pure, abstract strategy game. Or, you can play the Take Your Chances version, which incorporates special moves cards and the risk of trips to the penalty box! Whichever way you prefer to play, you’ll employ real derby strategies like skating the diamond, hammer & nail, and goating.

JammerUp requires you to carefully plan your next move, think ahead to what your opponent might do, and to pay attention to offense and defense at the same time.

If you’re a fan of roller derby or strategy games in general, JammerUp is a must-have!


5 thoughts on “About JammerUp

  1. If your game has yet to hit the shelves, or has been on for less than a year, consider entering it in Mensa’s annual MindGames competition. See website above. I’m an avid gamer and was on the MindGames committee when we hosted it last April in Albany, NY. This year, it will be in D.C. this year. I was also a women’s roller derby referee. I’m very much looking forward to playing your game.

    Ken Gacioch
    aka Yukon Kizmyas.

  2. Thanks for showing me this. The applications says that the game has to already be in production and available for purchase… will definitely check it out once JammerUp is manufactured!

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    Your game looks great! Good luck!