Roller Derby as a mobile/social game?

One nice thing about having a solid, two-player, turn-based version of roller derby is that it lends itself to being turned into a mobile game or social game, like Words with Friends on your iPhone or Android.

Meet the beginnings of Phase 2 of JammerUp:  

What the hell is that, you ask? It’s a multidimensional array that will that will be passed through a function that draws rows of adjacent hexagons of varying shades.

In other words, it’s a snippet of the code behind an iPhone/iPad/Android version of JammerUp, which we started programming last week.

It will take a lot to get from here to a finished product. But we can see it, and with your help, it WILL get done. (Ask anybody who’s ever worked with me. I get shit done.)

Funds raised from sale of the board game will go toward hiring iOS/Android platform developers and designers. If you haven’t done so already, please support our JammerUp Kickstarter project. Let’s make this happen!

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